About Us

We, at Momentum are a group of passionate educationists who have come together with a team of experienced professionals from IITs and other Top colleges of India to solve the educational complexities that Gen-Z is facing. We are focused on bringing a change to the national educational landscape using modern technologies such as hybrid teaching, seamlessly combined with the essence of conventional

For us, Every Child Matters: We believe that every student deserves
the right opportunity and support to fulfil his / her aim of
qualifying examinations like JEE, NEET & other competitive
exams. We have witnessed that not every student has the same
reaction time, assessment speed, and ability to comprehend.
That is why, many times students fall short in their preparation
for competitive exams, resulting in unsatisfactory ranks.
Therefore, it is extremely important for a student to get:
1. Personalised in-class attention from their teachers and mentors,
which is achieved with our unique study model.
2. Learning at their own pace with the added benefit of recorded
live lectures allowing them to re watch, relearn and reassess their
lessons anytime they want

Our Pedagogy: We have been guiding students through an array of elaborate programs inclusive of both online and offline classes. We believe in enriching the traditional classrooms by applying the principles of ‘Hybrid Learning’

Our Infrastructure: Our technologically advanced smart classrooms and live 2-way interactive classes, aided with audio-visual equipment help students in far-fetched cities to access India’s leading faculties for IIT JEE & NEET preparations. Our state-of-the art smart centers are equipped with high end interactive projectors, smart digital boards and visualizers, providing an immersive classroom experience