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What has brought you here today?

We, at Momentum are a group of passionate educationists who have come together with a team of experienced professionals from IITs and
other Top colleges of India to solve the educational complexities that Gen-Z is facing. We are focused on bringing a change to the national educational landscape using modern technologies such as hybrid teaching, seamlessly combined with the essence of conventional

India's Top Teachers

Shashi Bhushan Sir

Physics Professor (23+ years)

Author : Top Physics  Books B.Tech (Hons) IIT Kharagpur Mentored AIR 66, 189, 196 (JEE) 26 (AIIMS) 194, 220 (NEET)

Ashish Dhanuka Sir

Maths Professor (22+ years)

B.Tech HBTI Kanpur Mentored  AIR 66, 189, 196 (JEE)

Atul Tamrakar Sir

Maths Professor (21+ years)

B.Tech IIT Kanpur Mentored  AIR 66, 189, 196 (JEE)

Dr. Kapil Jain Sir

Chemistry Professor (22+ years)

 Ph.D. (RDVV) Mentored AIR 66,189,196 (JEE) 26 (AIMS) 194, 220 (NEET)

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One of the best coaching institute of Jabalpur, best faculties and easy to learn. I’ve done my JEE prep form momentum which was my best choice as now I am in my dream college. Do make a visit to their office


Shivani Patel

I prepared for my NEET prep with Momentum Academy it was my best desision they helped me score brillant mark. I’m so happy I decided to attend Momentum Institute and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an educational institute.


Sumit Parasd

Momentum Coaching Classes has been a great experience for me. The coaches are knowledgeable, the teaching methods are effective, and the personalized approach to learning is very helpful. Highly recommend!


Ishika Verma

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